Fethiye safari tour

Fethiye Safari Tour Firstly Tlosa is still burcin burdur take to the old royal tombs that smell of history tlosta kosa after a photo stop yakapark ie trout farm where the waterfalls in the pavilions hammocks and spring water where the water comes out and what else can swim in the cold water pools and can touch the fish in the pool carved in the bar And you can love them. Then we go to the Saklıkent canyon which is the 2nd largest canyon in european class. Before lunch we enter the Saklikent canyon, we have lunch with chicken fish grill and open buffet 12 meals. We will have 1 hour time for you in Saklikentte. Zıpp lane, rafting, and so on. We go to the mud banyosu every year, the cancellation of dead bacterias that are formed spontaneously every year and the dead body of the body and leave a smiley face with a nice face, then this is more fun part of the fun as you can use the river or private made showers Saklikentin, What is necessary when there is a river like? We leave xanthosa, the capital city of lyceans and xanthosa, the arena of gladiators. After a short photo stroll there we reach the beach of Patara, the longest beach in Turkey. After swimming there for 1.30 hours, we leave you with the places you left behind,

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