Activaities that can be done in Fethiye

Among the main activities to be held in Fethiye, we recommend Jeep Safari First Jeep Safari Tour It is a great tour that offers you 12 meals buffet dinner

Another Activity Boat Trips to Fethiye Fethiye Boat Trips You can go to 12 different islands and more different islands to try to have a wonderful day for you.

Activities in Fethiye Scuba Diving and Rafting Activities Batavia 50-100 Variety of fish in the Mediterranean Sea Diving Rafting Activities Dalaman Rafting Horseshoe Hiking Rafting in the Dalaman River Diving and Rafting Tour Fethiye Pre-Celestial Activities Available Activities.

If you have come to Fethiye many times and you are tired of these mentioned places, you can join the Dalyan Turan, which has 1.2 million permanent visitors per year. Sizelre River Tour Mud Bath Old Lykyalis can be seen in the King Cemetery and face at the wonderful Iztuzu Beach.