Fethiye Oludeniz Boat Trip

In Fethiye there are 2 Boat Tours on the route named as Oludeniz Boat Tour and Fethiye 12 Island Boat Tour. the most beautiful and the most populous Ölüdeniz boat tour Ölüdeniz boat tour:

-The Blue Cave

-Butterfly Valley

-Aquarium Dark

-St. Nicholas Island

-Cold water

-Deve Beach

Every time we go to this bay and the islands, we take 30-45 minutes from 10:30 am to 10:30 am where we are staying at the swimming mall very much in the morning and we are going to visit the beautiful 6 coves and the island and also lunch at the Blue Cave Open Buffet Lunch Offering Chicken & Beautiful 10 kinds of appetizers. Oludeniz Boat Turun One Butterfly Valley Butterfly Valley Butterfly Valley Butterfly Valley Fethiye's Most Populous Places Beside Butterflies Valley Beside 5 Floats You Can See and Fly A Beautiful Evening And Evening Above 18:00 Da Konaklardýðýnýzýlý Yerlere We are leaving behind a safe place. And we will never forget you in Fethiye Holiday We leave a moment