From Fethiye to Ölüdeniz Boat Trip

Oludeniz At 9:45 am on the boat, we take it on-site and take it to my boat. Oludeniz Boat Orange Our first stop is cold water we go to cold water feature of cold water from the bottom of the place is very cold, but the sheep is very cold, but it is so energetic until the second stop Oludeniz Boat Tour, Chicken and fish you can eat as much as you want 6 cold. Oludeniz boat stop 3rd stop st. Nicholas island st. Nicholas island is the property of this island. After the church, house, cistern remains belonging to Rome and Byzantine Ölüdeniz Boat Orange 4th stop aquarium dark aquarium dark aquarium If you are in the bottom of the bay, you can see 50 kinds of fish you can see if you have sea glasses. Stop blue cave blue cave You can sit and walk in a single cavern cave under the conditions of the dead sea. 6 stops in Oludeniz Boat Tour Butterfly Valley Butterfly Valley has its own butterflies and waterfalls But you can think of butterfly valleys as half-canyon. Butterflies Valley has recently had 2.3 million stop visitors for very populations. We are reaching to the beach of Oludeniz for a short while to leave the places you have left behind. And we are at the beach of dead sea around 18:00

Oludeniz Boat Orange can see cold water

You can see blue cave in Oludeniz Boat Tour

You can see butterflies in Ölüdeniz Boat Tour

At Oludeniz Boat Tour. He can see the island of Nicholas

You can see camel beach in Oludeniz Boat Tour

Oludeniz Boat You can see the fish behind the aquarium cove in Turan.

Oludeniz Boat Tour can benefit from open buffet 6 meals with the option of chicken fish

On Oludeniz boat tour you can come to the beach with sunglasses, hat, sun cream, towel, etc.

You can live a wonderful day in Oludeniz boat tour

Oludeniz Boat Turun can come back and get a jeep safari from our office

And you can have more fun