Fethiye Safari Tours

Alibaba Jeep Safari in Fethiye We are organizing 4 kinds of safaris.

1.Safari Jeep Safari Tour In Jeep Safari Tour, we first give a photo in TLOS, then YAKAPARK can relax in the kiosks on the trees that can spend time with the tent in the yakaparka. After leaving Yakapark, we arrive to SAKLIKENT. We have 12 appetizers including buffet, including chicken, and chicken & fish as main menu. You can do ringo rafting, bunge jumping and finally zip lane. After 20 minutes you leave Çakır BANYOSU. You can make your movements in our mud basin and you can enjoy yourself in the mud bath. After the mud bath you will have xanthosta 10 minutes photo Then you reach PATARA BEACH which is the longest beach of Turkey and you can relax there if you want to swim. Jeep safari end last stop on the patara beach and your drivers are leaving you with the places you have left.


2. Safari is Alternative Jeep Safari So we have created a new tour for those who are squeezed from the places where they are now coming from Fethiye and this tour takes you from the places where you are staying and takes you to Girdev Yaylasý Girdev Plateau Fethiye Single Lake Yaylýr Very Fine Lake And At Least 50 Bird Species A Wonderful Bird If you want to participate in this tour, you must bring it to your photography machine because you have to take the photograph of the most beautiful place you will see in your life. This tour starts at 09:00 in the morning and ends at 17:30 in the morning. 3. Safari to Safari Costline Safari Tour In this tour we first take the slopes to the starting point of the lycee road, where you can take a picture of all the ovacik hisarönü and Ölüdeniz and after that you go to the Amintas Kaya tombs of Fethiye from the mountain road where you can visit amintas grave and see the unique view of fethiye You can have tea with coffee that we serve with you and then you arrive at the Kuleli which is one of the most beautiful places of Fethiye you can swim there you can eat your lunch consisting of chicken fish and meals served by you and then you go to Kayadaki Ghost Town where there is a village under the influence of the ancient Greek empire You can see the town of the Rums separated from it, you can join the horse and camel tours there, and then the driver leaves you where you are staying Fethiye Safari Tours Jeep Safari Fethiye Safari Tours Alternatif Safari Fethiye Safari Tours Costline Safari