Scuba Diving Fethiye

Get ready to do a great dive in the blue sea of ​​Fethiye! Diving in Fethiye is very nice and quality

First of all, we take you from the places where you are staying and go to our ship in Fethiye. Our tent is moving at 10:30. The first dive takes place at 12:45. It takes 45-60 minutes and we train you for the first time. You eat lunch including quadruple: you eat a great lunch in the blue waters of the Mediterranean with your choice of 6 open buffet appetizers and grilled chicken fish. After you have eaten your food and have rested, we are going to have a 2nd dive and now you are a little experienced and totally free in your dive. If you want to have photos we can have 45 minutes 2 dives after the second cove we are giving you a swim. And the evening ends around 18:30 pm.

In Fethiye Dive we firstly put your safety and satisfaction on plan 1

We are trying to make everything a wonderful way to have a good day with you, and if you are satisfied, what a happy one!